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        A brief introduction to Anyang University安陽學院簡介

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        A brief introduction to Anyang University

        As an independent fulltime undergraduate higher learning institution approved by the Ministry of Education, Anyang University is invested by Henan Shangqiu Chunlai Education Group. The university is located in Anyang Henan Province. As one of the eight ancient capitals in China, it is a national famous historical and cultural city.Situated at the junction of the three provinces of Jin,Ji and Yu, Anyang is an important city for the City Group of Central Plains and the Economic Zone of Central Plains. Also it is the wellknown site of world cultural heritage owing to the fact that it is the birthplace of oracle bone inscriptions and the capital of Chinese characters. Moreover, it is the cradle of Hoqing Canal Spirit and the important industrial base of Henan province. Alongside the Jingguang Railway,Jinggangao Highway as well as state road 107,Anyang is quite convenient in terms of transportation.

        Currently, covering an area of 1378.46 mu, Anyang University of Normal University owns more than 16,000students, 406,100 square meters of school building, teaching facilities worth 82.2788 million.The library has 1.6439 million paper books,300,000 electrical books,380,000 theses as well as 300,000 journals,either in print or electrical. The university is equipped with abundant teaching resources with 905 teachers, of which 32.59% have senior technical titles and 51.04% educational background of Master's degree and above. Surrounded by glittering lakes, fish and birds, the campus is beautiful and pleasant and is an ideal place for study and research.

        According to the needs of the local economy and society development, the majors in this university are designed and set. Now the university consists of 8 schools and 3 departments, including the schools of Architectural Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Literature & Media, Economy & Management, Foreign Languages, Finance & Accounting, Fine Arts, Music and the departments of Physical Education, Ideological & Political Theory and Public Arts. Recognizing the primary status of discipline construction,35 undergraduate majors and 20 associate majors, which cover nines disciplines of literature, science, engineering, laws, economy, management, agricultural, education and arts, are set.

        The priority of our university is cultivation oriented. We stick to the university management theory of edifying with lofty ideals, integrating knowledge and action and developing the university by its strengths and unique features. We also stimulate students to strive to be righteous, knowledgeable and single minded, adhering to the school spirit of being a man of learning, wisdom and integrity, and promoting the school spirit of being a school lover, patriotic, tranquil and studious. In light of the development of regional economy and the demand of industrial restructuring in Anyang city, Henan Province, our university is to cultivate the students to be high quality applied talents with a strong sense of responsibility, professional integrity, innovation and practical ability.

        With a new start, we endeavor to build a highlevel application and technologybased university, with unique characteristics and standard regulations. We will make it a reality by means of seizing opportunities in the reform of higher education and the transformation of colleges, laying emphasis on the education of students and their employment after graduation, and innovating and enhancing the system of talent-cultivation.

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